Shoprite Act of Kindness Award

ShopRite's Act of Kindness Award Winners

SHOPRite's Act of
Kindness Award

Tiana Lamontagne Grade 11

Tiana is a key participant in my English 11 class.  She is a Go-To Girl; always ready, always friendly and engaged, and always ready to invite students to work with her or her group. She will move her seat from a group to sit with someone all alone.  She encourages others and is a great listener.  I’ve seen her cheering at various sporting events, helping friends in the hall, participating in school events and playing team sports all year along.  She is overall a genuinely nice person!


John Perry  Grade 9

John is a natural at exhibiting Acts of Kindness; it is innate in this fantastic young man. I have been fortunate to witness John in many different environments from academic to athletic to civic, and his polite, pleasant personality and constant willingness to help anyone and everyone is always evident.

John greets everyone he sees with eye contact and a genuine comment; He is most respectful, and sincerely interested in the well-being of everyone. When John is speaking with you, he is completely focused on the conversation. The message conveyed is that he is honestly interested in what you have to say, and by extension, makes the person feel valued and important.

We all could take a page out of John’s book for upholding The Golden Rule to treat others the way one would like to be treated in return. He is most deserving of this award, and in his modest personality, would be most appreciative of receiving it. I offer him my highest recommendation.