Graduation FAQs

·         How many guests are allowed for each graduate?

o   If there is an outdoor graduation, there are unlimited seats available on a first-come, first served basis.

o   If the graduation is indoors due to inclement weather, then each graduate will be allowed 4 tickets for guests and the graduation will take place in the EHS gymnasium.

·         What is the earliest we can arrive to park and establish seating?

o   Parking is not permitted before 4:00pm.

·         Where can I park?

o   Parking is available at the high school, Head Start, Enfield Street School

o   Parking is also available at St. Bernard’s School.  A shuttle will transport people to EHS from this location starting at 5:30pm. The last shuttle will transport individuals back at approximately 9:30pm. 

·         Where will there be handicapped parking?

o   If the graduation is held on the football field, then the lower lot adjacent to the field will be designated as handicapped parking.

o   If the graduation is held in the gymnasium, then handicapped parking will be available in front of the building and shuttles will be available.

·         What accommodations are available for individuals who are handicapped?

o   Please contact Mary Beth Lamagna with any questions regarding parking or accommodations for individuals who are handicapped. 

o   If the graduation is held in the gymnasium, then seating may be reserved ahead of time for our guests with disabilities. 

·         When will a weather decision be made?

o   We will do everything in our power to hold the ceremony outside, if possible. 

o   In the event of questionable weather, a decision will be made by 4pm on Thursday, June 21st.

o   Information will be posted on our website and on EPS Twitter.  Additionally, a robocall will be delivered to all users.  Please sign up for School Messenger by going to the Enfield Schools Website:

·         Where do I enter the building if the ceremony is indoors?

o   You will need a ticket to enter. Please enter through the doors in front of the auditorium or the doors outside of the gymnasium lobby.  

·         What are the senior rehearsal requirements?

o   All seniors who intend to participate in the graduation ceremonies must take part in all rehearsals.  The length of the rehearsals will depend completely on their cooperation.  Students who do not attend all rehearsals may not be allowed to participate in the Commencement Ceremonies.  Graduation rehearsals will begin

·         Tuesday, June 19:                            8:00am - 12:00pm in the gymnasium

·         Wednesday, June 20:                       8:00am - 12:00pm in the gymnasium

·         Thursday, June 21:                          8:00am – 12:00pm, in the gymnasium


·         When do graduating seniors need to arrive at graduation?

o   Graduating students need to arrive at 6:00pm in the Gymnasium.

·         When do seniors get their actual diploma?

o   Graduating seniors should pick up their diploma after the ceremony at a table behind the stage.  

·         When do I receive my cap and gown?

o   Caps and gowns will be distributed at the first graduation rehearsal as long as any outstanding accountabilities have been paid. 

PLEASE NOTE: Noisemakers (including air horns, cow bells, andwhistles) and signs (including posters and banners) will not be permitted andtheir use is strictly prohibited.  

Other miscellaneous information:

Senior Assembly packet for students and sent to parents(Final).doc