World Language Department

Mrs. Amy Jensen - Department Coordinator

Mr. Ira Becker

 Mr. David Cruz

Ms. Claudia Gonzalez

Ms. Nicola Joeckel

Dr. Bridgette Moriarty

Ms. Amanda Robustelli-Price

Ms. Mary Trichilo

Ms. Frances Valentin

Mr. Scott Vrooman

The curriculum of the World Languages Department supports the mission of Enfield High School. Our department recognizes that the ability to communicate in a second language is a desirable, if not essential, goal for all students.  Guided by a proficiency-based approach to instruction, the department supports the acquisition of a second language as a life skill for all students.  Embedded in our World Language curricula are lessons that teach students to:

  • Express ideas in both verbal and written modes 
  • Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of language, culture, media, and the arts 
  • Use multiple resources and technologies 
  • Recognize multiple perspectives while acknowledging individual’s rights to opinion

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Information about the Quebec opportunity:
Study Abroad to Quebec