Guidance Department

Mrs. Sandra Ingalls - K-12 Department Coordinator

Mrs. Heather Aselton - Counselor
Last names: CEN-FOR
Mr. Ryan Carlson - Counselor
Last names: LAM-NEM

Mr. Frank Genovese - Counselor
Last names: NGU-SEM

Mrs. Mary Harrington - Counselor
Last names: SER-ZUK

Ms. Erica Mastronardi - Counselor
Last names: FOR-LAG

Mrs. Kelly Morrison - Counselor
Last names: A-CEC

Mrs. Joann Lowe - Secretary
(Transcripts, Naviance, College Visits)

Mrs. Kari Monteforte - Secretary
(Transcripts, College Fair, Scholarships)

Mrs. Lorraine Rabinovitz - Secretary
(Registration, Withdrawals)

Naviance - Family Usage
For access to the Naviance program, please click here.
College Fairs
Check with the Guidance Department for the upcoming fairs.
Mrs. Kari Monteforte: 860.763.8821

College Fair

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Connecticut Student Loan Foundation
For materials connected with the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation please click here.
Check the following sites for information about financing a college education:
SAT News    

For information and to sign up for the SATs, click here.

To download the FAFSA application please click here.

College Information and Applications
For information about colleges in Connecticut, click here.
For information about colleges in Massachusetts, click here.
For information about colleges in general, click here.
College Planning Guide
To access the College Planning Guide, click here.
FastWeb Bulletin
For information about scholarships, click here
Scholarship Listing  
A listing of scholarships will be available from October to the end of May.  Please log into your Naviance Account to access a list of active scholarships.  Check back frequently as the list will be updated as new scholarship come in.
Letters of Recommendation
To view a tutorial for writing Letters of Recommendation, click here.
College Representative Visits
If you would like to meet with someone from a college, please stop by the Career Center or the Guidance Department for information.  Check the College Representative Page to view dates and times for visitiations at EHS.