Library Media Center

Ms. Ellis-Library Media Specialist 
Library Assistant-Mrs. Jacobson

FAQ’s about the EHS Media Center

 When may I visit the Media Center?

The Media Center is open from 7:10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

 What is acceptable behavior in the Media Center?

The Media Center is learning and working environment, not a place to visit with your friends.  Students using the Media Center are expected to be quiet and working on academic related assignments.  Loud talking and other types of distracting behavior that interferes with other student’s right to learn will not be allowed.  Failure to respect others right to study and work quietly will result in loss of Media Center privileges.

 Can I use the computers in the Media Center?

The computers in the Media Center are for research. You may not bring in program disks or download any type of file.  Any media storage devices that you bring in must be scanned for viruses before you can use them in any school computer. 


  • Game playing
  • Instant messaging
  • Listening to music
  • Posting to blogs and other types of posting board

You will be observed while on the computers, and if Media Center staff determines that you are inappropriately using the Computers/Internet, you are subject to disciplinary actions for Computer/Internet misuse.  Tampering in any way with the computer hardware, software, desktop, control panel, printers, etc, is also ground for disciplinary actions for Computer/Internet misuse. 

 How do I come in to use the Media Center during Eagle Hour?

As you come into the library please sign in.  Stay in the front sections of the library

What materials can I check out from the Media Center?

All the books in the Media Center are available for sign out.  Reference books can go out overnight.  Magazines do not circulate.  Videos can only be taken out by teachers.

 How long is the circulation period for items?

Non-fiction and Fiction items are checked out for 3 Weeks.  Reference materials only go out overnight and are due back to the library before first period. You can have 3 items out at any one time.

 Can I renew an item?

Yes, however you need to physically bring in the item to the Media Center before the renewal will take place.

 Are there fines for overdue books?                                   
No.  However if you lose a book you are responsible for the replacement cost of that book.  Your report card or Diploma can be held until the book is paid for.

Can I take out books if I have an overdue item?

No.  The overdue item needs to be returned.  If you lost the item, you will be responsible for paying the replacement cost for the item, before you can take anything else out. You will be getting overdue notices for items that are past due.  In severe cases, the Vice-Principals will be getting involved in the process of recovering overdue books. Reports cards can be held until lost items are paid.

 What are the discipline procedures?

After sufficient warnings from Media Center staff for loud or disruptive behavior, you will be asked to leave the Media Center and will have your Media Center privileges revoked for a week.  If a 2nd offense by the same student happens, that student will lose Media Center privileges for 2 weeks and your parent will be contacted.  A 3rd offense by the same students will be handed over to your Vice-Principal. 

 Are food and drink allowed in the Media Center?

No food (including candy and gum) or drinks (other than water) allowed in the Media Center due to potential damage to books and computers