Helpful AP/UCONN Links

* Periodic Table

*Periodic Tables Games


* Summary of AP Chem Naming

Naming Practice - Acids

 Naming Practice - Compounds with Polyatomics    * Brainscape

Best Names to Formulas Practice Site - Unclick "Inorganic Molecular Substances"

On-Line Homework & Practice (D. Nelson @ NHS) — For practicing naming, formulas, molarity, stoich, & many other concepts.  
Click “Login As Guest”, then “Advanced Placement Chemistry”, then “AP Skill Activities” on bottom right. Then "Naming: Stock System" or "Writing Chemical Formulas".

Khan Academy - Lectures on everything!

Crash Course Chemistry - Videos on AP Chem topics.

Rene McCormick's Website (Nat'l Math & Science Initiative (NMSI)) -  Powerpoints & Lectures

Aaron Glimme's Website (Berkeley HS, CA) -  Powerpoints & Lectures

Dena Leggett's YouTube Videos - search Dena Leggett Chemistry Videos

3-D Molecular Modelling – Great for seeing 3-D models of molecules.

*Chem Collective - good tutorials and simulations

*Prep Scholar AP Chem Notes - good notes and links