Email Reset

How to Reset Your Office 365 Password

On September 16th  all student passwords will be reset.  After this reset,  students will be required to find any internet-connected device and change their password.  The address is: They will need to setup and answer the security questions.  They will not need to put in a verification email address (unless they’d like to).  If students choose to put in a verification email address, it must be a a different email address than their school address.  The students will need a working email address in order to enroll their iPads.  iPads will be distributed to students starting on September 23rd.   

The generic password will be: FIRSTINTIALlastinitialstudentIDexclamationpoint (Ca56000!)

Please see any Dean, Assistant Principal, or Secretary if you need assistance.  

Hint: Record your security answers and password in your phone or in a notebook in case you forget!