Loss/Damage Waiver

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Student/Parent Technology

Loss/Damage - Waiver 

The replacement cost of the lost device is based on the cost of the replacement of the device at the time of loss. A student/parent/guardian is fully responsible for the replacement cost of any device lost while in their possession. Replacement costs for accessories including but not limited to, cases, charging cords, etc. will be based on the cost at the time of replacement.  See Comparison Chart below:

New Free and Reduced Meal applications need to be completed for the school year prior to payment of the Loss/Damage Waiver fee. These are available online over the summer and also are sent home on the first day of school. 

To join the Loss/Damage Waiver Opportunity program, see below for payment options.  Please see comparative insurance chart below:    


Savings Chart


Loss/Damage Waiver

Without Loss/Damage Waiver

Replacement Cost of Lost/Damaged iPad Per Occurrence



Replacement Cost of Charger Per Occurrence



Cost of Repair Per




Lunch Status

Cost of Damage Waiver Program


$35 Per Occurrence


$25 Per Occurrence


$15 Per Occurrence


Please confirm:   

____   I understand any violation of the terms of this agreement may subject me to disciplinary action. 

For the Damage Waiver Program:  This payment will cover my student’s iPad for one occurrence during the current school year. 

____ I have paid online through myschoolbucks.com.

____ I have included a check made Payable to Enfield Public Schools with my child’s name on the check.

____ I am approved for Free or Reduced Meals and have completed the Application. 

____ I do NOT want to participate in the Loss/Damage Waiver for my child’s iPad.

I understand I am responsible for the replacement cost of the device should it get broken, stolen or lost. 

____   I have read, understand and accept the parent/student responsibilities enclosed in this EPS Technology Handbook. 


Parent/Guardian Signature):  ______________________________________    Date:  __________________ 


Student Name: ________________________________________________       ID#:  ___________________