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Friday, April 21 at 7:00 pm Saturday, April 22 at 2:00 and 7:00 pm

Flyer designed by senior, Sarah Baillargeon

Gambler, Nathan Detroit (Jack Mercik), runs the biggest illegal floating crap game in town and is in search of the cash needed to secure a place for it, while Lt. Brannigan (Vinny Self) and the authorities are breathing down his neck.  Meanwhile, Adelaide (Lizzy Collins), his fiancée of fourteen years, performs with the Hot Box Girls (Darriel Cerrato, Tory Hatcher, Kim Hecken, Lilli Johnson, Rachel Lagasse, Dezeray Mercado, Emily Miarecki,Taylor Molina, Julia Radziewicz) at the local nightclub.  With help from his sidekicks, Benny Southstreet (Brendan Turner) and Nicely Nicely Johnson (Cole River Wood), and hoping to win the dough he needs, Nathan makes a bet with big-time gambler, Sky Masterson (Spencer Walker) that he thinks he cannot lose.  Sky ends up chasing the straight-laced missionary, Sarah Brown (Stacey McCann), as a result.  The members of the Save-A-Soul Mission (Matt Cain, Maria Cistulli, Brandon Hosig, Rhianna Nieroda, Makena Schwab, Olivia Sears, Katrina Stolar) led by Sarah are out to save the wide variety of sinners in the city but with little success.  General Cartwright (Paige Tetro), the leader of the Save-a-Soul organization, visits the mission and explains that she will be forced to close the branch unless they attract some sinners to the upcoming revival meeting.  In order to win Sarah’s heart, Sky promises to provide her with one dozen genuine sinners for her next meeting.  The city’s gamblers and questionable characters (Corey Brown, Monica Charubin, Adam Coffey, Cara Donelan, Alyssa Dowding, Noora Gilan, Rhiannon Grimmett, Madi Howell, Sarah Malnicof, Collette Moreau, Melissa Murray, Astrid Nassau, Gillian Partyka, Adam Rochette, Leilani Rodriguez, Jasmine Sanchez, Brittany Wagner, Roni Walker), including a notorious gangster from Chicago (Brian Ruel), are waiting for Nathan to announce the location of the next crap game and Lt. Brannigan becomes suspicious. To convince him of their innocence, they tell Brannigan their gathering is Nathan's "surprise bachelor party". This satisfies Brannigan, and Nathan resigns himself to eloping with Adelaide.  Guys and Dolls takes the audience from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba and even into the sewers of New York City but eventually everyone ends up right where they belong.


Don’t miss the antics of this talented NYC crowd and a special cameo appearance from a member of the EHS administration J


Working behind the scenes are:


Stage Managers:  Sarah Baillargeon, Emily Malcolm, Sarah Theriault


Backstage Crew:  Bethany Bleakney, Raith Cook, Gwen Dyer, Caroline Landry, Hunter Lanson, Cody Mills, Samantha Moreau, Paige Shackford, Allison Smolenski, Jacob Wallace


Tech Crew: Jacob Audet, Trent Byers, Nathan Capoldo, Dylan Sherman, Jack Sherman, Damien Zaharis