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Dear Parents of incoming 9th Graders,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to take part in our Freshmen Orientation Program. This program will serve as a means to introduce our incoming freshman to our school and to staff who will be available to help make each student’s transition to Enfield High School a successful one. During the program students will receive a copy of their schedules and will be divided into small groups for tours and activities.  Each small group will be hosted by current Enfield High School students who have been trained to serve as group facilitators and school ambassadors.

The orientation will be held at Enfield High School on Monday, August 28,2017, and will begin with students having the opportunity to ride their respective school buses to EHS just as they would on the first day of school.The program for students will begin at 12:00 PM, so students should be at their assigned bus stop in time to catch the bus for the program. Smyth Bus Company recommends that students arrive at their bus stops around 11:20 AM and pickups will begin promptly thereafter (with the goal of getting students to EHS by noon). Students should eat prior to this event as lunch will not be provided.  The Freshmen Orientation Program will conclude with a pizza party at approximately 4:30 PM.

We invite parents to come to an informal “meet and greet” with the administrative team at 5:00 PM in the auditorium while the student program is concluding.Following this, parents will be reunited with their children and they will be permitted to take you around the building to show you the locations of their classrooms.

Please note that we do not provide transportation home and parents are responsible for student transportation at the conclusion of the evening.

It is our hope that this program will provide both students and parents with important information to ease the transition into high school. I look forward to welcoming all of you on Monday, August 28.



Ms. Erin Clark