Principal's Message

From Mr. Longey

Welcome to the 2014-15 school year!

Enfield High School is celebrating success.  I am pleased to report that our students in the Class of 2015 showed significant gains in CAPT scores in Mathematics (+10.2), Writing (+12) and Reading (+4.7).  Our AP Calculus and US History students scored very well on the exams earning many of them the opportunity to earn college credit.  The New England Association of Schools and Colleges acknowledged the great strides we made and commended us for………

• The development and implementation of a process to report individual student progress in achieving the school’s learning expectations eight times during the school year
• The development and implementation of assessment results to inform changes in curriculum and instruction
• The formal reporting of the school’s aggregate progress in achieving its learning expectations
• The planned elimination of level three courses commencing with the 2013-14 school year
• The hiring of an architectural firm for the high school construction project
• The allocation of funding in the FY 14 budget to ensure reasonable class sizes and the offering of Advanced Placement English

In addition, we had a continued decline in suspensions and disciplinary issues. 

This year we will continue our Raiders Rewards program which focuses on the 4 R’s: Relationships, Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect.  In addition, we will also continue our Rachel’s Challenge program focused on a positive school climate.  The two programs support each other nicely and contribute to the positive school climate in the building.

Our goal is to make every Enfield High School student college and career ready.  Academically, we will continue to focus on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.  We have added the AP Language and Composition course and have over 60 students taking this class.  We will continue to assess students’ performance on our school wide learning expectations.  We also have begun the process of eliminating our lowest level (modified) and strongly believe that this will benefit all of our students.

We will spend this year working on the building project and preparing for the actual construction to begin next summer.  It has been exciting working with the building committee, the architectural firm and the construction management company throughout the past year and planning for a state of the art high school for Enfield’s students.

We appreciate all of the support that the Enfield community shows us.  The relationships we have with parents, community members, and businesses contribute to making this a special place.  

Lastly, all of the accomplishments we made this year would have been impossible without the commitment of the dedicated staff at Enfield High School.  Our teachers develop strong relationships with students and have been continually asked to do more.  They have worked tirelessly to support our students’ academic growth. Their work has paid off and has resulted in our students’ academic success!

Jill M. Krieger