Shoprite Act of Kindness Award

ShopRite's Act of Kindness Award Winners

SHOPRite's Act of
Kindness Award

Erica Lovering    Grade 12


Erica is an excellent student who always strives to be the best and fulfill her academic potential. She is also a leader on the soccer field and the basketball court by lending encouragement and support to her teammates. Erica is always willing to help fellow students when needed but her commitment to the EHS Relay for Life team is what sets her aside from most. She is a member of the student leadership team which runs all team meetings and arranges all fund-raising activities. Each member of the team must raise $100 towards cancer research and Erica will make sure that all members reach that goal. She will also play an integral role for the Relay event on June 3 that will be held in Suffield for the North Central Region. Erica is a young woman who understands the meaning of the word altruism and will make a positive impact on the future of our society.


Emily Hickton   Grade 10


 Emily is a player on the Unified Sports team and has been an absolute pleasure to coach.  She loves working with special needs students and truly cares about her teammates. She demonstrates acts of kindness on an everyday basis.  She always has a smile on her face and says encouraging words to others when she sees that they might be down. She has an optimistic outlook on life to turn seemingly, negative situations into positive. I have seen Emily before and after class, and during lunch hold the doors open for many students at a time. I’ve seen her help students who dropped their books or who have spilled water. She will volunteer to work with others who may not have someone to work with, even if she does not know them. She offers to help me in class with any extra assistance that is needed and gives her best in everything she does.  She is truly one of the kindest students that I have had the pleasure to know.