Yearbook Information


 Pricing Calendar:

$80 - Holiday Special: 12/1/16-12/30/16

$85 - New Year: 1/1/17-2/6/17

$90 - 2/7/17-Late Spring

Advertisement/Student Dedication:

Parents/Guardians and/or local businesses can purchase partial-full pages for dedications or advertisements.

Full Page Color: $325.00

Half Page Color: $180.00

Quarter Page Color: $100.00

Business Card Color: $65.00

 Student & Senior Photographs:

Per contract, all students are required to have their formal yearbook picture taken by LifeTouch Photography

Senior students may submit additional photos from any source for the “Senior Brag” section of the yearbook.

General Photo Submission:

All students and families may submit photographs for inclusion in the 2016-17 yearbook.  All photographs are subject to review prior to being submitted.

Submit photographs to Chris Scioscio at the following addresses:

 Senior Brag Information

Any senior that would like to be included in the “Senior Brag” section of the yearbook must fill out the Google Form at the following link and submit a personal picture to Mr. Scioscio at one of the above addresses or in person.  Mr. Scioscio can be found in the Art Dept. located on the first floor of the E-Wing.

Senior Brag Link