Interscholastic Athletic Eligibility

The Principal, based upon school rules and C.I.A.C. requirements determines the athletic eligibility status of each student.

Students who represent Enfield Secondary Schools are required to meet academic and conduct standards in order to become eligible and participate in interscholastic athletic contest.



1.           In order to participate in interscholastic athletics a student must carry, each quarter, an academic GPA of 4.0 (C-), and have no more than one “F”.

2.           To participate in any FALL athletic activity a student must:

a.        have an end of the year grade point average of 4.0 (C-) or better on his/her previous year’s report card

b.       have not more than one “F” appearing as a final grade for a second semester or full-year course on his/her previous

                  year’s report card

3.           A student must be a good school citizen and a worthy representative of Enfield Secondary Schools.  Repeated infractions of school rules, poor attendance or other evidence of poor citizenship as determined by the school administration will render a student ineligible.

4.           A student must secure the permission of his/her parent or guardian to participate in each sport.

5.           A student must secure insurance coverage or submit evidence in writing that he/she is sufficiently protected by insurance.

6.           A student must submit to a physical examination each year by the school or his/her family physician and be declared physically fit to participate in athletics.

7.           A student must abide by the rules of the athletic department regarding practice and training and the specific requirements of the coach of the sport in which he/she is participating.

8.           Any student who, in the opinion of the administration, is not working up to full capacity and if athletics appear to be interfering with the academic progress will be deemed ineligible to participate.

9.           Any athlete who habitually remains out of school on the day following any athletic contest will be suspended from the team.

10.     In addition to the school rules, a student must meet the eligibility requirements and follow the rules of the C.I.A.C.



1.           If he/she is not taking at least four (4) units of work, excluding Physical Education.

2.           If he/she has not passed at least four (4) units at the end of the last marking period as of the official day grades are issued.

3.           If he/she is nineteen (19) years of age before September 1.

4.           If he/she has changed schools without change of residence.

5.           If he/she has played the same sport for more than three (3) seasons in grade 10, 11, and 12.

6.           If he/she plays or practices with an outside team in the same sport while a member of the school team after the first scheduled game in any season.

7.           If he/she received personal economic gain for participation in any C.I.A.C. sport.

8.           If he/she plays under an assumed name on an outside team.

9.           If he/she has not been in membership in a school for at least 12 weeks immediately preceding the time of participation (end of last year for fall athletes).