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Erin E. Clark


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Enfield High School Students and Families,


We hope our fellow Eagles are having a wonderful summer. After a year and a half of pandemic disruption, we are thrilled to welcome students back to in-person learning on the first day of school—Tuesday, September 7th. While educators at EHS went above and beyond to provide the best possible instruction during the pandemic, we know there is no substitute for the in-person and hands-on learning that we all look forward to resuming.


Just as the transition to hybrid learning required us all to undergo a bit of a learning curve, the transition back to many of our previous practices may require an adjustment as well. To assist our students with this transition, we will continue to place a priority on supporting our students’ well- being. To advance this goal, our educators are committed to promoting a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment in their everyday instruction. Additionally, we offer students daily opportunities to meet with educators and staff for extra help and interventions during Eagle Block. As a means to supporting social and emotional learning, our mentoring program will continue to provide targeted lessons to support students in navigating challenging emotions as well as cultivating a positive and inclusive school culture. Finally, our school structure is set up to ensure each student has a school counselor, Dean of Students, and Assistant Principal that stays with them over the course of their 4 years at EHS. This structure allows us to get to know our students more closely and ensures our students have multiple trusted individuals in the building. We are here to support our students and families in any way we can, and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with the transition back to in-person learning. Please visit our website for contact information:


We are overjoyed to see our students on September 7th and wish you all a great school year in 2021-2022!




Erin E. Clark