Helpful Contacts and Links

Our team at EHS is always here for our students and families.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. 



GRADE 9- Mrs. Cox-Blackwell

GRADE 12- Mr. Murray

GRADE 11- Mrs. Nelson

GRADE 10- Mr. White


Assistant Principals: 

Grades 10 & 12—Mr. Clark

Grades 9 & 11—Mrs. Gagnon


All teachers, counselors, and other staff contact information:


Distance Learning Resources:

Scanning documents and Uploading Using OneDrive

Submitting Assignments and Using OneNote

Using Microsoft Teams on the iPad

Using Microsoft Teams on a Cellphone

iPad Tips and Tricks.pdf

College Board Website:

Seniors - How to prepare your iPad to turn in:
How to log out of AppleID
How to erase the iPad