Registration & Withdrawal Information


Please access FamilyID by clicking the below link to obtain the necessary forms and electronically register your child.

EHS FamilyID

Once you have completed the electronic registration forms, please contact Lorraine Rabinovitz, Guidance Secretary, at 860-253-6595, between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM to arrange for a time to drop off the registration documents or if you have any questions. 

*The only form not included is: Free/Reduced Lunch Form, which is available directly from Ms. Rabinovitz (one per family)*

Once online registration has been completed, all documents received, and our school nurse has received the required medical records, the secretary will contact you to make an appointment to meet with the counselor to select courses. 

At the scheduled counselor meeting, New Student Orientation Packet will be distributed.  These packets include important information about the school that students & families will need.

If you cannot attend an in-person tour, or would like a brief virtual orientation to EHS, please check out this linked Virtual EHS Tour, created over the summer of 2020, for the incoming grade 9 class. (please note that individuals & their roles may have changed slightly)


Please contact Lorraine Rabinovitz, Guidance Secretary, at 860-253-6595 for assistance or simply complete the Transfer or Withdrawal Form (2-sided), and drop it off, email, or fax it to Ms. Rabinovitz at 860-253-5326.