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Office 365    

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Enfield High School Library Online Catalog

At School: Scroll down to "Database Research At School" Section and start your search there.

AT HOME: Scroll down to "Database Research at Home" Section.  Click on EBSCO HOST to access all the databases provided by the EHS Library.   You will need usernames & passwords that are provided by your  teacher or Ms. Ellis (in the EHS Library) to use the databases from home.  

Ebooks for Students & Staff


Using your Enfield Public Library card, you can access digital content from the public library.  Here are directions on how to download and sign in to this app of the iPad

The Hoopla digital mobile app.pdf


Database Research at Home

Click the EBSCO HOST button below get to the sign in screen for database usage
Clicking the Salem Press button further below brings you to a sign in screen for that site. 
Use the usernames & passwords you were provided by your teacher or Ms. Ellis  (in the EHS Library).

EBSCO Host houses all the databases for student use at home (Points of View, Explora for High School, History Reference Center, Science Reference Center, Etc.) 

Another way  into the Databases Provided by the EHS Library from home      (click picture below)

Salem Press

Close up
See your Social Studies teacher for the username & password to get into Close Up 

Database Research at School

Points of View                   7
 A database on current topics                                   A database to use for English assignments

See your teacher or Ms. Ellis (in the EHS library) if you haven't been given the username and password to use Salem Online
This is a good general type of database to use for all types of projects

This database includes Full Text articles on a wide range of subjects 
This database was designed to be used for Science & Health classes

This database was designed to be used for Health Classes
Bir Ref Center
This database contains information about people through the ages
This database contains historical information for both U.S. and World History

close up
      See your Social Studies Teacher for the username and password to get into Close Up            
For those who speak Spanish to use 


More Databases to Use

ICONN (Connecticut Digital Library)Resources for High Schools
A great site for additional databases to use for research


Useful Links

General Reference Sites

CIA World Fact Book
Click the graphic above to get into the site

All sides 
All Sides-A Balanced News site
(click the graphic above to get to the site)

Social Studies Links
Career Sites

Online Newspapers