Distance Learning


Enfield High School students and families,

As you learned from the Superintendent’s message, Enfield students will participate remotely through December 4th.   Starting on Monday, November 23rd, all students at EHS will follow a new remote learning schedule that more closely resembles the hybrid schedule we currently follow on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (see schedule below). 

Due to COVID, it is hard to predict when school closures will occur and how long they will last.   Our previous remote schedule included later start time and end times that caused scheduling conflicts for students and educators.    Our new remote learning schedule will allow classes to start at the same time whether we are in-person (hybrid) or remote.  Additionally, we heard from many of our teachers that the new schedule will offer more time for instruction and contact with students.   After considering the two schedules, it is our conclusion that students would benefit from the consistency, simplicity, and instruction offered by the new remote learning schedule.

As has been the case in the hybrid model, our expectation is that teachers will provide a minimum of 40 minutes of live instruction per class period and will continue to work with students during any remaining asynchronous time.  Asynchronous time may be used for small group interventions, individual supports, and other communication with students.  This schedule will be used for all future remote learning days. 

We thank you for your flexibility as we look to provide more consistency for our learners with the adoption of this new  schedule. 



Erin Clark


Enfield High School

New Remote Schedule

Helpful Contacts and Links:


Grade 12-Mrs. Cox-Blackwell (860-763-8807) acoxblackwell@enfieldschools.org

Grade 11-Mr. Murray (860-763-8835)  mfmurray@enfieldschools.org

Grade 10-Mrs. Nelson (860-763-8839) pnelson@enfieldschools.org

Grade 9-Mr. White (860-763-8811) dwhite@enfieldschools.org

Grades 9 & 11
—Mr. Clark (860-253-5542)

Grades 10 & 12—Mrs. Gagnon (860-763-8808) lgagnon@enfieldschools.org

All teachers, counselors, and other staff contact information:


Where to find distance learning resources: http://www.enfieldschools.org/for_students/special_resources



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