Equity Team

Enfield High School Equity Team


The intentional creation of a new, continuously evolving system where all members of the Enfield High School community feel safe, acknowledged, accepted, and supported on a pathway to success. This new system will take into account performance of the school’s makeup of majority and minority groups and use this information to educate all, with specific focus on outcomes by race.


Principal Erin E. Clark eclark@enfieldschools.org Phone: 860-763-8804

Leadership team members: Julie Aliker, Anthony Allegro, Altressa Cox-Blackwell, April Frizzell, Nicole Fontaine, Bridgette Moriarity, Dan Paradis Cynthia Spencer


Our team is continuously working to improve outcomes for our students of color through a variety of methods. Several of our efforts and programs are described below.

Provide Professional Development for Staff


Organizing professional development for staff on topics such as culturally responsive instruction, implicit bias, and facilitating civil discourse.



· Offering Courageous Conversation Training for all staff (2020-2021)

· Implicit Bias trainings (February 2018, November 2019)

· Summer Book Club: “Courageous Conversations About Race” by Glenn Singleton (Summer, 2019)

· Facilitating Civil Discourse (Spring, 2019)

· Equity Team

· CREC consultant whole-staff training on equity, culture, and systemic racism (Fall, 2018)

· Culturally Responsive Instruction training (Spring, 2017)

· CREC Implicit Bias trainings for administrators

Educate and Empower Students


Providing opportunities for empowering the voices of our students of color through clubs, organizations, facilitated conversations, leadership conferences, etc.



· Diversity Club (established 2017)

· Student leaders sent to conferences

o Dismantling Systemic Racism (Spring 2017, 2018, 2019)

o Students participated in KidSpeak event (Spring, 2019)

· Regular facilitation of civil discourse discussions on race or “Civil Discourse Circles” (Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

· Offering mentoring sessions around diversity and inclusion (20-21)

Engage our families and community



· Continue Open Parent Meetings (2020-2021)

· Open Parent Meetings (2019-2020)

· Parent focus group discussions on race (January, 2019)

· Sent equity team leaders to family engagement conference (Fall, 2019)

Hire for Diversity



· EHS and EPS administrators attend Minority Recruitment Fair (Spring, 2019)

· EHS participates in CREC’s Minority Recruitment Consortium (2019-2020)

Diversify the Curriculum


· Writing and piloting curricular units to promote racial equity (20-21)

· Met with Curriculum Office to discuss curricular needs (19-20)

equity members

Parent Equity Meeting

Part of our strategy to promote racial equity at EHS includes utilizing democratic processes that include the voices and ideas of our faculty, students, parents, and community members.   Our next open parent meeting will be held virtually on  Wednesday, January 20th at 6pm on Microsoft Teams.   If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please fill out this survey by January 17th:  

Those who fill out the survey by January 17th will be contacted via email with additional information on how to join the meeting from your device.  We hope you will be able to join us!