Virtual Program of Studies

Virtual Program of Studies

If you encounter technical difficulties entering a Q&A session that you have registered for, our department coordinator email addresses are listed below.  You may email the specific coordinator with your questions and they will contact you to discuss. 


John Dague, K-12 Science, Technology                       

Chris Scioscio, K-12 Visual Arts

Cory O’Connell, 6-12 Business/FACS/Athletic Director

Deborah Gaskell, 6-12 English

Jason Lamesa, K-12 Math

Mark Reppucci, K-12 Music

C. Brie Quartin, K-12 Physical Education

Adrienne Snow, K-12 Reading

Chris Ponte, 6-12 Science

Joel Senez, 6-12 Social Studies

Bridgette Birchall, 6-12 Special Education

Sandie Ingalls, K-12 School Counseling

Amy Jensen, 6-12 World Language