Staff E-Mail Address


E-Mail Address

Ms. Erin Clark

Assistant Principals

Mr. Connell Clark: 10th and 12th

Mrs. Laura Gagnon: 9th and 11th

Dean of Students

 Mr. David White - 10th grade

Mrs. Patti Nelson- 11th grade

 Mr. Matt Murray- 12th grade

Ms. Altressa Cox-Blackwell - 9th grade


Ms. Mary Beth Lamagna

Ms. Debra Ferris

Ms. Lynda Macintosh

Ms. Holly Moyer

Ms. Ashley Schmidt

Ms. Ellen Smith

Ms. Allison Aikins

Ms. Lisa Parkman

Ms. Denice DeRoy


Mr. Mike Perry

Mr. John Doody


Mr. Christopher Scioscio

Ms. April Frizzell

Ms. Agnes Jesse

Ms. Michelle Nassau

Ms. Angela Early-Alves

Ms. Alexa Kulinski

Ms. Rebecca Skrabely


Mr. Cory O'Connell

Ms. Kathy Bridges                              

Mr. John Paul Gill

Ms. Kimberly Sweeney


Ms. Deborah Gaskell

Mr. Michael Baldwin

Mr. Dan Barrett

Ms. Kara Barrett

Ms. Stephanie Goddard



Ms. Jennifer Hawkins

Mr. Brian Mazzone

  Mr. Jason McMahon

Ms. Kristie Tinnirella

Ms. Danielle Muskrat

Mr. Dan Paradis

Ms. Holli Simmons

Ms. Cynthia Spencer

Mr. Robert Sullivan

Mr. Michael Tiroletto

Family Living

Ms. Kimberly Bender



Ms. Melissa Winbourne

Ms. Catherine Jurgens

Mr. Josh Ogrodowski


Ms. Sandra Ingalls

 Ms. Heather Aselton

Mr. Robert Carlson

Mr. Frank Genovese

Ms. Mary Harrington

Ms. Amy Bourgoin

Ms. Elaine Helberg

Ms. Kari Monteforte
Ms. Lorraine Rabinovitz


Mr. Rob Barnes

Ms. Amy Bartholomew

Ms. Lisa DeLorge

Mr. Mark Dube

Mr. Jay Gaucher

Ms. Judy Joslin

Ms. Karen Trescott

Mr. Armando Ramos



Ms. Jen Ellis

Ms. Ruth Jacobson


Mr. Jason LaMesa

Ms. Albina Belisle

Ms. Michelle Burlingame

Mr. Greg Chandler

Ms. Katherine Dias

Ms. Kathleen Ellis

Ms. Bozena Guminiak

 Ms. Olivia Baillargeon

  Ms. Abbey Kane

Ms. Caroline Marr

Ms. Stephanie Nelson

Ms. Norma Romano

Ms. Bethany Sullivan

Mr. Mark Szczesiul

Ms. Ashleigh Wynne

Ms. Doris Wyse





Mr. Mark Reppucci

Ms. Ilanna Tariff

Mr. Chris Dresko

 Mr. Daniel Wabno


Ms. Alyssa Lord

 Ms. Jessica Spera


Ms. Adrienne Snow

Ms. Andrea Muller

Ms. Eve Ellis

Ms. Nicole Wright



Mr. Chris Ponte

Ms. Mackenzie Brower

Ms. Michelle Crawford

Ms. Jamie Drzyzga

Ms. Kaitlin Lindhardt

Ms. Desiree Dolan

Ms. Lauren Liegey

Mr. Sommala Khoxayo

 Mr. Michael Knell

Mr. David Lenn

Mr. David Mourad

Mr. Richard Onofrey

Mr. Luke Southard

Mr. William Schultz

Mr. Christopher Mahl

Mr. John Wiley

Mr. Mark Winiarski

Social Studies

Mr. Joel Senez

Mr. Anthony Allegro

Ms. Courtney Collins

Mr. Sean Crane

Ms. Nicole Fontaine

Mr. John Gorborino

Ms. Cynthia Kelleher

Ms. Kelly Mazzone

Ms. Jennifer Pickering

Mr. Edward Soar

Ms. Anna Szczepanski

 Mr. Gray Wanzer

Ms. Lisa Wanzer

 Mr. James Lyver

Pupil Services


Ms. Bridgette Birchall

Mr. Chris Colburn

Ms. Cheryl Conley

Mr. Peter Beebe

Ms. Mary Grout

Ms. Melanie McCann

Dr. Elizabeth Plavcan

Mr. Jason Smith

Mr. William Walpole

Ms. Julie Aliker

Ms. Maureen Amaral

Ms. Megan Murphy

Mr. Tod Couture

Ms. Tramaine Taylor

Ms. Michaela Gorham

Ms. Christina Graziani

Ms. Ashley Hurley

Ms. Barbara Lyon

Mr. Jess Edelstein

Ms. Darcy Shuman

Ms. Anna Eccles

Ms. Melissa Smyth


Ms. Nicole Preston 
 Ms. Jennifer Jablonski

Ms. Rebecca Shinner 

Ms. Alyssa Charry

Technical Education

Mr. David Cardaropoli

Mr. Stephen Gorniak

Mr. Matt Grigely

Mr. William Kearney

Mr. Mike Petrucci

Mr. Ryan Rossignol

Mr. David Williams

World Language

Ms. Amy Jensen

 Ms. Ciara Ayala

Mr. Ira Becker

 Mr. Aaron Blais

Ms. Claudia Gonzalez

Mr. Jerome Manning

Ms. Nicola Joeckel

 Ms. Bridgette Moriarity

Ms. Amanda Robustelli-Price

Ms. Frances Valentin

Ms. Caitlin Swan