English Department

Ms. Deborah Gaskell  - Department Coordinator


Mr. Daniel Barrett: dbarrett@enfieldschools.org

Ms. Kara Barrett: kbarrett@enfieldschools.org

Ms. Susan Boggio: sboggio@enfieldschools.org

Ms. Stephanie Goddard: sgoddard@enfieldschools.org

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Ms. Lesley Weiner: lweiner@enfieldschools.org

The curriculum of the English Department supports the mission of Enfield High School. Our department provides instruction that fosters students’ skills related to reading and writing. Embedded in the English curricula are lessons that teach students to:   

  • Use critical thinking skills 
  • Express ideas in both verbal and written modes 
  • Utilize technology 
  • Recognize multiple perspectives while acknowledging individual’s rights to opinion
  • Make appropriate academic, social, and personal choices
  • Demonstrate awareness and appreciation of language, culture, media, and the arts