Athlete Injury Insurance

To Parent/Guardian:

            Any student participating in an interscholastic sport is covered by the Enfield Board of Education Athletic Insurance Policy, but only as a secondary carrier which means it is activated only when the personal insurance program of the parent/guardian does not apply and/or ceases coverage and it’s a bodily injury. 

            If your primary personal insurance does not cover the entire cost, please call the Athletic Department and ask for an Accident Claim Form.  I will send it out to you to be filled out, and then return to me as soon as possible.  Part B needs to be filled out by the Parent/Guardian, along with the Student-Athlete social security number in Part A.  

            The Athletic Trainers injury report or coach’s report will cover Part C.  Once the form is completed, send along any bills you received with the claim form to me.  If you have any forms from the doctors’ office, those will also be helpful.  I will then send all the information to our insurance company, keeping copies of everything at Central Office.

If you have no insurance, please call me to get the Accident Claim Form.

Note:  If you haven’t received any bills yet, please send along the claim form to me anyway. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Tracey Lafleur at
253-6524 or email her at [email protected].  

You can also use the link below to our insurance company to get a copy of the Accident Claim Form.  Go to Claim Form in left column and click on CT.