Building Use Requests

All requests to use our facility must be made 30 days prior to the event.   Please fill out the building use request form and submit to [email protected]. 

Field-Building Use Request E-Form.doc

It is agreed that the renting organization will comply with all requirements stated in Enfield Board of Education Policy No. 1330, “Use of School Buildings” including the following:

1.        The Organization renting facilities is responsible for any damage to equipment or buildings.

2.        Under no condition will any organization or group alter or change the electrical circuits or panel boxes in the schools rented.

3.        Decorations will not be pinned on stage drapes and curtains, nor will painting of scenery or background be permitted on the stage, nor will moving of pianos or other furniture by applicant, be permitted unless special permission is granted.

4.        Under no condition will alcoholic beverages of any kind be allowed on school property.

5.        Smoking is not permitted.

6.        Only those lavatories designated by the custodian shall be used by groups using school facilities.

7.        Any individual or group granted use of school facilities must file an insurance certificate in the amount required by Board of Education Policy #1330

8.        User is responsible for checking with local fire marshal to ensure the activity complies with fire regulations.