Grade-Level Developmental Guidance Curriculum (IN PROGRESS)

Enfield High School

School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Enfield High School Counseling Department is to address the needs of the whole student by supporting their academic, career, and social/personal growth. Our school counseling department services students to enhance learning, improve classroom engagement, and remove barriers that impede academic success. School counselors promote a commitment to life-long learning and assist students in becoming responsible, independent, and productive members of a global society.

Role of the School Counselor

The role of a school counselor is multi-faceted.  We are here to serve the social, emotional, academic and career planning needs of students.  This is done individually and collectively by responding to unique student needs and the implementation of a comprehensive school counseling curriculum."





Credit Status/Grad. Requirements

 Provide academic strategies & tools

Help inform & track student attendance

College Partnership Programs

Conflict Resolution

Support for Families & Students

Deliver grade-level self-development lessons to 9th & 10th graders (Learning Styles Inventory & Do What You Are Career/Interest Inventory

Grief Counseling

 Traditional 4-year Colleges

2-year of Community Colleges

Trade/Vocational Schools


Gap Year


Transition Planning through Naviance 



Provide safe, confidential environment

(with the important exception of alleged self-harm or threat of harm to others; in which case, we are MANDATORY reporters)


Scholarship Applications

Transcript Requests

Grade Level Folders

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