Business Department

Mr. Cory O'Connell, Department Chairperson

Ms. Kathy Bridges, Ms. Lori Capone, Mr. John Paul Gill, Ms. Kim Sweeney

The curriculum of the Business/Finance/Technology and Marketing Education Department supports the mission of
Enfield High School. Our department provides instruction that focuses on preparing students to function in our technology-driven society.  Students will develop skills needed for future job markets, as well as post-secondary studies in the area of business.  Embedded in our Business/Finance/Technology and Marketing curricula are lessons that teach students to:

  • Use technology to access, organize, create, evaluate, and present information 
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to respond to a variety of materials 
  • Express ideas in both verbal and written modes

Business Department Members:

Cory O'Connell, Chairperson

Kathy Bridges
Room A157
Email: [email protected]

Lori Capone

Room A160

Email: [email protected]

John Paul Gill
Room A159
Email: [email protected]

Kim Sweeney
Room EHS A158