World Language Department

Mrs. Amy Jensen - Department Coordinator

Mr. Ira Becker

 Mr. Aaron Blais

Ms. Claudia Gonzalez

Ms. Nicola Joeckel

Mr. Jerome Manning

Dr. Bridgette Moriarty

Ms. Amanda Robustelli-Price

Mrs. Caitlin Swan

Ms. Frances Valentin

The curriculum of the World Languages Department supports the mission of Enfield High School. Our department recognizes that the ability to communicate in a second language is a desirable, if not essential, goal for all students.  Guided by a proficiency-based approach to instruction, the department supports the acquisition of a second language as a life skill for all students.  Embedded in our World Language curricula are lessons that teach students to:

  • Express ideas in both verbal and written modes 
  • Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of language, culture, media, and the arts 
  • Use multiple resources and technologies 
  • Recognize multiple perspectives while acknowledging individual’s rights to opinion

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Information about the Quebec opportunity:
Study Abroad to Quebec