Poetry in Enfield

Poetry in Enfield is a poetry recitation event and contest for Enfield students in grades 6-12.
It is sponsored by two departments: English and World Language.

The goal of this unique event is to celebrate the beauty of language through student voice. 

This grades 6-12 school-wide competition combines the larger events of Poetry Out Loud,
created by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation,
and the poetry recitation contest organized by the Connecticut Council of Language Teachers

Participants in these events select poems to recite in a public forum. 
Top winners in specific categories of the Poetry in Enfield event will have the opportunity to advance
 to Poetry Out Loud and the Connecticut Council of Language Teachers state-level competitions.

2023 Poetry in Enfield Event: January 26
2020 Poetry in Enfield Event: January 9 
2019 Poetry in Enfield Event: January 24