School Resource Officer News

                              Hosting a safe teenage Party

  1. Discuss the guest list with your children
  2. Clearly communicate that NO alochol, tobacco, or drugs will be allowed
  3. LImit the number of invited guest, stick with it. NO Party crashers!!!
  4. Define the area for the party, Define all out of bound area's
  5. Adult chaperones should be 1 for every 5 teenagers
  6. NO drinking games !!  IE: Pong, quarters, or similar games. It teaches drinking behavior.
  7. Have a safety plan in place for party crashers who won't leave
  8. NO adults should be drinking, set a good example

            Safe Party Tools

  1.  offer plenty of food choices
  2. Have multible entertainment area's, IE: video, music
  3. Have a set party time begining to end.
  4. Encourge other parents to help out or stop by.