Course Change Procedures

Students and their parents must select courses with extreme care. Giving this matter serious consideration will ensure the selection of a meaningful course of studies and thus eliminate the need for schedule changes which are disruptive to the learning process. Students and parents are provided with ample time, information, and personal assistance in selecting a program of studies. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that changes will not be honored except for well-defined reasons. Any course change request, other than those adjustments for scheduling errors, must be made in conjunction with the parent or guardian, student, and school counselor.


Course Change Procedure

Students do not have the option of unilaterally withdrawing from a course. Students who deliberately fail to attend class will receive a failing grade for the course. A course change may be made if:

  • A student lacks a recommended prerequisite to a scheduled class
  • A scheduling error exists
  • A student lacks graduation requirements in Grade 12
  • A student is academically misplaced

An attempt will be made to honor any approved course change, subject to the following restriction:

  • Requests to change a course to avoid or choose a particular teacher will not be accepted.

Students withdrawing from a course beyond 14th school day of the quarter will receive the grade earned for the quarter.

Students withdrawing from a course after the mid-point of the course, for other than a certified medical reason, except in extenuating circumstances deemed acceptable by the administration, will receive a final grade of F.