Mathematics Department

 Mr. Jason LaMesa - Department Coordinator

Ms. Albina Belisle          Mrs. Michelle Burlingame

    Mr. Greg Chandler          Mrs. Bozena Guminiak

Mrs. Katherine Dias        Ms. Kathleen Ellis  

   Mrs. Doris Wyse                          Ms. Olivia Baillargeon  

Mrs. Abbey Kane             Mrs. Norma Romano

Mrs. Stephanie Nelson          Ms. Caroline Marr

          Ms. Bethany Sullivan                      Mr. Mark Szczesiul         

Ms. Stephanie Nelson                 Ms. Ashley Wynne 

The curriculum of the Mathematics Department supports the mission of Enfield High School. Our department provides instruction that focuses on the development of responsible individuals who strive to become life long learners.  Embedded in our Mathematics curricula are lessons that teach students to:

  • Utilize critical thinking skills to apply and analyze data 
  • Use technology to find real world solutions
  • Understand the use and roles of mathematics in everyday life 
  • Express real life situations using mathematical models

Visit the following websites for Math Activities, Demonstrations etc