AP Calculus





  • Students must be in their seats and prepared for class when the bell rings.  
  • Using the lavatory, getting a drink, pencil sharpening, etc. should be done before the start of class. 
  • Cell phones, ipods, and the like will not be used in class and are to be left out of sight.       
  • Show respect for others at all times. 


You are required to bring the following to class daily:

  • Textbook – covered at all times
  • Pencil – All work should be done in pencil.  Any work that cannot be read will not be graded.
  • Math notebook
  • TI- 83 or 84 Calculators are required.  The TI-89 and other calculators with calculus features can be used to check homework problems, but will not be allowed during tests and quizzes. 



Although homework will not be graded in this course, homework is an essential component of success in mathematics.  As an AP student you will be given the freedom to decide for yourself the amount of homework that is necessary for you to fully understand the material. 


All missed work must be made up.  A test or quiz previously announced must be taken, during study hall or after school, within three school days after the student returns to class.  It is expected that students participating in a field trip will get assignments ahead of time so they can return prepared to participate in class.

Grading Policies

  • Homework                                                              20 pts.
  • Quizzes                                                                 30 pts.
  • Tests                                                                    100 Pts.         


Final grades will be determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of points offered and multiplying by one hundred.



I will be available after school in room A108 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursday to help individuals having difficulty in class. 



  • Set up a regular study time for Mathematics, preferably as soon as possible after class.  At this time, the explanations form class will be freshest in your mind.
  • Ask questions.  Do not let all you questions build up until you are overwhelmed.
  • Take advantage of the available help.  Use after school help, your classmates, and study hall.  Do not think you have to tough it out on your own.
  • Use the planner provided by the school to keep an organized record of assignments
  • A good attitude will make a huge difference.




Please sign below indicating that you have read and understand the class policies.  Take home and have (at least) one parent or guardian sign indicating that she/he has read the course requirements



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