Strand 5 - Genetics, Evolution & Biodiversity

How are traits passed from Parent to Offsping?
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Strand Short Title GAMES & Interactive Demos VIDEOs/Animations/info
36 Meiosis mediated genetic variability Genes/Inheritence
37 Prediction of genetic crosses using Punnett's Squares Punnett
38 Mode of inheritance from Pedigree diagrams DragDropGEN
39 Genetic Disorders Disorder Library
40 Evolution by mutation & Natural Selection Natural Selection MutationEvo Natural Selection
41 Evidence for Evolution Webquest Fossils 1 Stickleback Fossils
42 Adaptations increase survival Animal Adaptations
43 Carrying Capacity & limiting Factors Population Game
44 Factors in Human Population Growth
45 Technological advances affectin Population Growth PPTs on Tech advances
Blood typing
Diabetic Dog