National Honor Society


Mr. Richard Onofrey and Ms. Amy Asselin


 The National Honor Society holds meetings every Friday during Eagle Hour.  Members are selected by their GPA and their merit in citizenship.

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In order to assist the NHS academic council in determining who will be invited into membership, we ask you to complete the Enfield High School National Honor Society Application. Please note that this is the only way the council will know what you’ve been involved in.  Do not assume they will know anything about you!  
Since your grade point average alone does not guarantee membership in National Honor Society, please do not be modest in the completion of your application.  The academic council uses every bit of information in the selection process.  Treat this as you would a résumé and job application.  Please be aware that if you choose not to apply this year the opportunity will not be offered to you again next year.


General Student Guidelines

Please Read Carefully


1. It is the student's responsibility to submit a completed and fully documented application containing all the necessary signatures by the stipulated deadline.  Late applications will not be accepted.


2. Appeals of the final decision to admit/reject a student from membership must be made within five days of the official posting of the list of approved inductees. Appeals will be heard only on the basis of alleged misinterpretation of application materials and facts, and cannot be used to supplement the application with new data/activities not originally listed.


3. Based on the assumption that membership in the National Honor Society does indicate superior scholarship, character, leadership and service, it is expected that students will complete the application process displaying those very characteristics for which membership is being awarded.  It is not the responsibility of the academic council or the faculty advisor to insure that candidates have fully completed and submitted their applications.




The application should be typed or very neatly written in blue or black ink. 



***** On Part 1 of the application, you will notice that each section has tables for various activities.  If you need a bit more space you may add additional pages to your application.

***** On Part 2 of the application, this is your one opportunity to give some details about your character that are important to you.  Be thoughtful and thorough. 

*****On Part 3 of the application you must have two teachers sign a recommendation form and return it directly to Mr. Onofrey or Ms. Asselin. 



  • Be sure to sign, and have your parents sign, the application.  Be sure your name is on all pages.
  • When your form is complete, turn it in to Mr. Onofrey or Ms. Asselin.